10 Years After Michael Vick Raid, Rescued Dogs’ Legacy Endures

We salute the “Vicktory” dogs — heroes who changed the world’s perception not only of fighting dogs, but also of pit bulls in general.

By: Best Friends Animal Society


BEST FRIENDS’ PUPPY SOCIALIZER. For a dog who was terrified of her own shadow, Mya has come a long way. She is exceptionally kind and calm around other animals; one of her best friends is the office cat. At times, Mya is still a fearful, fragile girl, and she’s still on the long road to recovery. She’s a dog who has never experienced so much of life, and everyday sounds and things, like doorbells, washing machines, front porches and rocking chairs, are still frightening.

The strength, joy and resiliency of these remarkable pit bulls made them all heroes. Ten years later, some have passed on. But we can all still learn a lot from each and every one.

Special thanks to Best Friends Animal Society.


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