A Petsgiving Tribute to: Roswell Fire Department and Smokey

(#4 out of 4) — A stray kitten who had been discovered near a brush fire ended up in a forever home thanks to a firefighter.


Editor’s Note: In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we asked our readers to tell us who they’d like to thank for “Petsgiving” this year — someone who did something extraordinary for their pet. Here’s the final of our favorite responses.

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It was late one autumn night in Roswell, New Mexico, when the bells rang out at the fire station. The dispatcher announced a brush fire on the north side of town.

Firefighters jumped into action. Sirens roared and lights flashed as they responded to a pile of debris on fire near a dry riverbed. The men quickly extinguished the blaze.

Once the fire was out, a tiny cry could be heard from within the soaked pile of rubbish.

Amid the ash and debris, the firefighters discovered a tiny, soaking-wet, shivering kitten. Rescuing the little gray, striped tabby kitten, they placed him in the floorboard of the firetruck with the heater blowing to warm him.

He was young — not yet weaned.

The firefighters searched the area, thinking they would find a litter and a mother cat, but this little guy seemed to be alone. It was a rough beginning. Thankfully, the men had heard his cry for help, though he was frightened and hesitant to trust the firefighters.

Taking pity on the kitten, the firefighters took him to the fire station, where he was wrapped in an old T-shirt and placed in a small cardboard box. One of the firefighters placed the “fire cat” next to his bed for the night to keep an eye on him.

With the help of a syringe, the kitten was fed throughout the night.

Love at First Sight

The next day, one of the firefighters’ family members came to the fire station for a visit. For his daughter, it was love at first sight for this scrawny, scruffy looking kitten. Given the distinct odor of smoke from his adventurous evening, he earned the name “Smokey” and won the hearts of everyone he met.

Desperate to help this little orphaned cat, the daughter pleaded with her mother to take the kitten home.

Reluctantly, the firefighter’s wife agreed to allow her to take Smokey in until a home could be found, knowing full well that the kitten had already stolen the hearts of both father and daughter.

Smitten With a Kitten

It didn’t take long before the entire family was smitten.

The kitten was bottle-fed, cuddled for warmth and nurtured as one of their own. There was no chance this kitten would ever leave his forever home.

Brought into a home that had 2 large dogs and was not considering a cat, he made it his own. After all, who can resist a helpless, orphaned kitten?

-Carrie Graham

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