A Petsgiving Tribute to: Marina Poche and Charlie

(#3 out of 4) — Even though we already had 7 cats, my mom didn’t hesitate to save the stray I found.

My mom didn’t bat an eye about spending $1,200 for Charlie’s care.

Editor’s Note: In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we asked our readers to tell us who they’d like to thank for “Petsgiving” this year — someone who did something extraordinary for their pet. Here’s another one of our favorite responses.

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I would like to thank my mom, Marina Poche, this Petsgiving.

I found a 4-week-old black kitten at a gas station late one night in May. She was without a mom and, because it was late and she was black, you couldn’t see her. I was afraid a car would hit her. I called my mom, who told me to bring her home.

Because we already had 7 cats, I knew she wasn’t happy about me bringing home another. But because she is an animal lover like me, we took her in. I had to bottle-feed her for 1 month before she could eat on her own, and I had to keep her separated from all the others because she was so small.

In December we got her spayed. A few weeks later, the problems began.

A Trip to the Emergency Vet

She wouldn’t keep her food down. This went on for about a week. I took her to the local veterinarian twice, and both times they told me it would pass.

When it got so bad that she no longer wanted to move, we took her to the emergency vet 30 miles away.

As soon as you walk through the door, it will cost you at least $50 — not to mention the cost of seeing the vet. The vet wanted to give her an IV to give her fluids, do an X-ray to rule out anything wrapped around her stomach or intestines, and keep her overnight.

She gave us an estimate of $900. I certainly didn’t have $900, but this was my baby. My mom looked at my grief-stricken face and told the doctor to do what they had to do; we could cover it.

So we left my baby girl at the vet and prayed for the best.

Just Charge It

A few hours later, the vet called and said the X-ray was negative. Now she wanted to do an ultrasound. My mom said to do it even though it meant an additional $100.

As I sat at home worrying and praying, the doctor was trying to take care of my baby. The next day, I wanted to go visit her. As we were about to leave the house, the vet called and said the kitten was finally starting to eat food and was free to go home!

I was so happy to see her, bright-eyed and ready to go home. But the bill was over $1,200! My mother didn’t even bat an eye and handed over the credit card she has reserved for emergencies.

The day I finally got to bring my little girl home healthy was Christmas Eve. It was the best Christmas gift my mom could give me. I am so thankful for all she has done — not only for me, but also for my little girl, Charlotte Rose (Charlie).

—Nicole Smith

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