A Petsgiving Tribute to: Kate Myers and Oatmeal

(#1 out of 4) — We are forever grateful for the love and attention Kate gave our aging dog, Oatmeal.

Kate comforted our dog, Oatmeal, in his final hours.

Editor’s Note: In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we asked our readers to tell us who they’d like to thank for “Petsgiving” this year — someone who did something extraordinary for their pet. Here’s one of our favorite responses.

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I would like to thank Kate Myers for Petsgiving.

My dog, Oatmeal, had Cushing’s disease, hypothyroidism, arthritis and other problems associated with age, so my husband and I didn’t want to leave him at a kennel when we went away. We were lucky enough to find Kate, who not only stayed at our house with Oatmeal but also gave him truly loving care.

Oatmeal needed to take many pills, and Kate gave them to him on time. She took him for not 1 but 3 walks each day because he needed the exercise to keep his legs strong.

Most importantly, Kate gave Oatmeal the affection he was used to getting from us. She’d talk to him, give him massages and hug him a lot. Oatmeal was always happy to see Kate arrive at our house, and he would get up and stand at the top of the stairs and wag his tail when he knew she was coming.

“Above and Beyond”

Kate always went above and beyond while caring for Oatmeal — but she outdid herself on the day Oatmeal died.

On that day, while Oatmeal was in obvious distress, my husband, Gene, had what we believed to be another stroke. I had to take him to the emergency room, but I didn’t want to leave Oatmeal alone. Even though it was early in the morning, I called Kate — who came over to sit with Oatmeal while my husband and I went to the hospital.

Although Oatmeal could hardly move, he lifted up his head and gave his tail a wag when he saw her.

While we were gone, he tried to get up and go outside but couldn’t make it, so he wound up soiling himself. Kate cleaned him up and made him feel better. She sat on the floor and was petting him and talking to him the whole time she was there.

“We Will Be Forever Grateful”

Luckily, Gene’s stroke turned out to be vertigo, and I was able to return home to be with Oatmeal. Kate was sitting right next to Oatmeal and keeping him calm. She went to the veterinarian to pick up some medicine so I could be with him.

Before she left, Kate gave me the name of a service that comes to houses to euthanize pets. This was very helpful, because if Oatmeal had to die, we much preferred that it happened at home in his own bed rather than at the vet’s.

Although Oatmeal did wind up dying, the fact that Kate went out of her way to be with him probably made his death easier, and it certainly gave me and Gene a little more peace of mind.

We will be forever grateful to Kate and hope she receives this recognition from Petful. She certainly deserves it.

—Bunny Henderson

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