Animal Hero of the Month: Megan Prenderville

A terminal diagnosis for her dog inspired her to raise money for a charity that helps people in need pay for emergency veterinary expenses.


The May 2015 winner of our Animal Hero of the Month award is Megan Prenderville of Frame to Please and Save U.S. Pets Foundation in Red Bank, New Jersey.

Megan and her husband, Mike Harper, run a framing shop in New Jersey. When one of their dogs was diagnosed with cancer, they sought treatment. In doing so, Megan pondered what other people would do in similar situations if they couldn’t afford treatment.

She started selling pet-related items in a store next to the framing shop, and the proceeds are donated to a nonprofit that helps people financially in situations that are similar to the one Megan and Mike found themselves in.

The Nomination

Megan’s nomination was sent in by her husband:

“Our beloved dog Chopper was diagnosed for the second time with a very aggressive cancer. My wife and were devastated by this news. He was given approximately 4-6 weeks to live. In response to this, my wife tried to stay positive and in less than 2 weeks opened a pet boutique (next to our main picture framing store) where she donates 100 percent of the net proceeds to the Save U.S. Pets Foundation. This wonderful organization grants money to those who need financial assistance for emergency care.

This felt like a good fit as all the money in the world would not change the outcome for Chopper. Megan became so involved with this nonprofit that she took a position on the board to help promote and market them. Chopper and brother Yoshi became official ambassadors and sit in on board meetings. This does have a happy ending as Chop is still with us today 3 years later, and we were able to raise a few thousand dollars last year alone.”


Here’s what all of our award winners get:

  • A feature article like this one
  • Social media mentions across all of our platforms
  • A permanent spot on our Wall of Heroes
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About Megan’s Shop

Frame to Please specializes in custom framing and creating a showcase for artwork or images that complement a customer’s home decor and fit within their budget. Chopper and Yoshi are regulars at the store and happily accept belly rubs from customers.

Just outside the shop at their Paws for a Cause accessory kiosk, Megan and Mike sell pet accessories and a candle line called SNIFF, which features candles such as Fart & Away, a scent created to help ease a dog’s digestive system, another designed to smell like grass, and many more. Each sale contributes to their chosen charity to help more people afford emergency veterinary care.

Megan with Chopper and Yoshi.
Megan with Chopper and Yoshi.

Q&A With Megan Prenderville

1. What got you started helping animals?

I have always loved animals. But after my beloved boy Chopper was diagnosed with terminal cancer, we adopted a foundation that grants funds to those who need help with emergency care knowing that we could help people who have a chance but limited funds. This became my new mission in life.

After meeting with the grant recipients, I knew this was a good choice. I could not imagine euthanizing my best buddy because of a lack of funds.

2. What’s your earliest childhood memory that is animal-related?

This question just flooded me with happy memories! My relatives owned a farm in upstate New York. I always enjoyed going to the farm.

3. How old were you when you got your first animal?

I believe I was 7.

4. What is your favorite animal?

I love all animals, but I must say that I am deeply connected with dogs.

5. Tell us about the one animal you will never forget.

Can Yoshi/Chopper be considered one? These boys have considerably affected the community. Through their involvement with the Save U.S. Pets Foundation, they were able to save 80 pets last year.

This video was made to remember Chopper’s Life Celebration, since Megan does not know how long he will be with them:

6. What are the least and most pets you have had at one time?

The least amount of pets was none. The highest was 20.

7. If your pets could talk, what would they say?

“I love you!” Yoshi makes these squinty “love” eyes that could melt your heart.

8. If you could solve one problem facing animals, what would it be?

Animal abuse.

9. If you could be reincarnated as any animal, which would you choose and why?

I love how strong and majestic horses are.

10. If the rainbow bridge exists, which pet would you most like to see waiting for you on the other side?

Oh my, this is both a difficult and an easy question to answer. I do believe in the rainbow bridge. Having a pet who has terminal cancer, I take comfort knowing that there is a place where all good animals can go. I would greet them all and give them a treat!

* * *

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