Rescue Spotlight: Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue

More than 2,000 animals have been rescued off the streets of Manitoba thanks to this all-volunteer rescue organization.

Ava, a regal, fully house-trained 1-year-old, loves going for walks. Photos by: Manitoba Mutts

Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue was formed in 2011 to address the large number of animals who were abused, neglected or abandoned in Manitoba, Canada.

The high rate of animal abuse and neglect in the area was worrying, and the rescue sought to create a safe place for dogs and cats.

Many of the animals the rescue encountered were strays who had been dumped, abused, neglected or abandoned, and it was common to see cats and dogs roaming around neighborhoods, businesses and backyards looking for food and shelter. The rescue has proudly adopted out more than 2,000 animals over the years.

About the Rescue

This inspiring rescue is run by volunteers. It does not have a facility but instead relies on foster parents to help house, rehabilitate, and help cats and dogs prepare for a forever home.

It also has a unique approach to adopting out its dogs. The rescue does not allow its dogs to be outdoor-only or chained animals in their adopted homes. A volunteer named Jenn explains the policy this way: “Being included inside the home is essential for a dog’s emotional and physical health. It is just as cruel to starve a dog of their emotional needs as it is to starve them of food and water.”

Super Troopers

Not all cats and dogs arrive at the rescue ready to head to a foster home. Some have severe neglect issues and medical problems, and these animals are included in the rescue’s Super Trooper program.

The animals, who have any number of ailments, from heartworms to injuries requiring amputation, are cared for by veterinarians until they can transition in full health to their foster homes. Funds for their care are raised through donations and fundraisers — if you’d like to donate, there are still Super Troopers in need of help to cover their veterinary bills.

Meet Annie, a beautiful 2-year-old cat awaiting adoption at Manitoba Mutts.

A Petful Hand

Manitoba Mutts fan Cody Wyoming entered a picture of her pig, Scout, into our 2015 Halloween costume contest. Scout won a People’s Choice award, netting Cody a $275 donation from Petful toward her rescue or shelter of choice.

Cody directed her donation to Manitoba Mutts. Says Jenn: “The gracious donation from Petful will enable us to help pay down some vet bills for our Super Troopers.”

How You Can Help


Funds are always needed for supplies, veterinary expenses and the severe cases — the Super Troopers. The Manitoba Mutts often takes in pregnant cats and dogs, as well as puppies and kittens, and the expense of caring for these animals is particularly high.

Any donation would be greatly appreciated and can be sent here.

Learn more about the adoption process Manitoba Mutts uses in this video:

Foster or Adopt

Foster parents are the backbone of the rescue, and more are always needed. To increase the pool of foster parents, Manitoba Mutts highlights the many benefits of preparing pets for their eventual forever homes. The animals:

  • Get a second chance at life
  • Learn what it’s like to be loved
  • Learn how to live with a family
  • Learn how to trust
  • Experience positive human interactions
  • Learn new behaviors and tricks while waiting for adoption

Contact the rescue to foster a dog or cat. Or if you’re ready to make the commitment, browse the adoptable pets. Be sure to read the extensive adoption FAQs.


If you can’t donate, foster or adopt, you can still help Manitoba Mutts by sharing this article with your friends and family. Someone you know may be looking for a new pet or can help the rescue in other ways.

Learn more about how Petful strives to make a difference in the animal welfare community: How We Help.

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