“Hog Dog” Fighting Ban Needed

In “hog dog rodeos,” a large dog is turned loose on a wild boar whose tusks were removed with bolt cutters. For some, this passes for family entertainment.

Hog dog fighting ban needed
Hog dog fighting ban needed

Rant alert. I’m super-annoyed.

The inbred hillbillys who brought us dog fighting, cock fighting and KKK lynchings are at it again, working to display themselves as shining examples of humanity. Another craze in the U.S. South: hog dog fighting.

A large dog, often a pit bull used for game hunting, is turned loose in an enclosed ring. The opponent: a wild boar. This should be a fair fight, right? Nope. The wild boar has had its tusks removed, often by a pair of bolt cutters, leaving it virtually defenseless against the dog. Spectators sit in bleachers around the ring and cheer the dog on while the wild boar screams in pain and fear.


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Check out the Human Society’s video of this blood sport.

What is wrong with people? How can they call this family entertainment? People had their children with them, watching a defenseless animal squeal in pain. What a fabulous example to set.

A hog dog fighting ban is in effect in many states, but the Humane Society and PETA report that these state laws are often left to local authorities to interpret and enforce. With little difference between law enforcement and the criminals, not much is being done. “Hog dog rodeos,” which the Humane Society calls “gratuitous animal cruelty at its worst,” are justified under the guise of training hunting dogs.

And again, I ask you, who are these people? One such couple brags that they have been acquitted of animal cruelty charges. These knuckle-dragging idiots brag proudly that they have beaten the charges twice, once in South Carolina and once in Florida. They then complain that they have received death threats and letter bombs and it is so unfaaaaair. After all, they are just using the trapped animals to train their hunting dogs.

Legitimate hunting dog trainers make a distinction between hunting dogs and “catch” dogs. Hunting dogs are trained to confine an animal in a corner but never to touch it. Catch dogs are the hunting equivalent of attack dogs. They find their prey and rip it to shreds, often causing a slow and painful death.

There is light in the darkness. One competition aims to keep the sport alive without the bloodshed. Uncle Earl’s completion in Louisiana, a state where catch dog competitions are illegal, has managed to create a sporting event that doesn’t end in pain and suffering. Hunting dogs are trained to corner the hog and are judged on their agility and skill, not the amount of injury they cause. Dogs that touch the hogs are immediately disqualified.

That, my friends, is skill. Training a dog, who is a natural hunter, to corner prey but not to kill it takes skill. Catch dog competitions rely on the ability of the owner to work the dog into such a frenzy that it attacks the nearest animal.

Want to see something done about this problem? Donate to the Humane Society or PETA; both have active campaigns against this outrageous activity.

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