Charity Spotlight: Friends of Colusa County Animal Shelter

With the local animal shelter in disrepair, 2 women stepped up to form an organization to help them. Today they are a nonprofit helping countless animals.

Petunia is 1 of many animals helped by FOCCAS.
Petunia is one of many animals helped by FOCCAS.

The Colusa County Animal Shelter was once considered unsafe, unsanitary and in need of help. Two women who were passionate about animals formed the Friends of Colusa County Animal Shelter organization to address those needs.

The volunteer group was started in 2004 and then became a 501(c)(3) organization. Their goals are to:

  • Educate the public
  • Improve the shelter
  • Reduce euthanasia
  • Increase spay and neuter
  • Increase adoptions
  • Build a larger shelter

One of the first improvements at the shelter was to purchase new kennels for cats waiting for adoption. In 2003, cats were being kept in rabbit cages. FOCCAS was instrumental in getting new cages for the cats, ensuring a more comfortable environment.

Other improvements included new paint, lighting, backyard cleanup of waste and debris, better ceiling ventilation and much more.

Before (left) the cats were living in rabbit cages at the shelter. FOCCAS helped them get better cages (right).
The cats were living in rabbit cages at the shelter (pictured left). FOCCAS helped them get better cages (right).

Memorable Animals

Of the many animals FOCCAS has helped, there are two which stand out in their minds.

Lollie: In 2014, animal control officers picked up a dog in a rural area. The dog, Lollie, was injured and had melted patches of fur. FOCCAS obtained veterinary care and a foster home for her while they searched for her family. A few days later a vehicle accident on the interstate was linked to Lollie’s discovery. After her recovery, she was able to be reunited with her family about a month later. Their reunion was so emotional that everyone at FOCCAS witnessing it was brought to tears.

Petunia: A poodle/wirehaired terrier mix was found running loose and very pregnant. She was taken out of the shelter and moved into a foster home, and just 4 days later she had her puppies. Since no one came forward to claim her, FOCCAS took care of vaccinations, food and supplies while Petunia and her puppies remained in foster care for 6 more weeks. Two weeks later Petunia and her puppies were adopted, and each of them moved on to their forever homes.

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can help FOCCAS. Their current needs include:

  • Flea treatment containing Fipronil
  • High quality food for special needs animals (puppies, kittens, and seniors)
  • Monetary donations to help cover transport, veterinary treatments and vaccinations

Donations can be mailed to FOCCAS at Post Office Box 194, Colusa, CA 95932. More information can be found on their website.

A Petful Donation Recipient

FOCCAS was the charity chosen for a $250 donation from Petful (formerly Pets Adviser) by Christina Bailey, one of our 2014 Halloween Pet Photo Contest winners. Bailey’s photo of her 3-year-old cat Bolt dressed as a hipster was the people’s choice winner for the cat category.

The funds donated to FOCCAS were used in multiple areas. They used some of the funds to cover transporting animals to the University of California at Davis for spay and neuter procedures. Another portion went to veterinary bills at a local clinic, and a Maltese/poodle mix named George who needed treatment for a foxtail embedded in his foot was able to get the care he needed (and was later adopted).

Petful holds a Halloween photo contest every year. Winners receive cash prizes for themselves and donations to give to the animal shelter or rescue of their choice. Stay tuned for details of our 2015 contest coming up in October.

To find out more about our yearlong work to make a difference in the animal welfare community, please read How Petful Helps.


Images are copyrighted by Friends of Colusa County Animal Shelter unless otherwise noted.

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