The Top 4 Arguments in the Dog World That Are Never Going to End

Dog people are passionate people — and when a bunch of passionate people get together, there are going to be arguments.

Some arguments will never end. By: Kyle May
Sigh. Some arguments will never end. By: Kyle May

Dog people are a passionate group of people. If you ever want to see a dog person get mad, say something insulting about their dog or the way they care for their dog.

Have you ever watched Groundhog Day, the movie where the guy lives the same day over and over again? How horrible that would be, and that’s the same way I feel when I see these 4 subjects come up in the dog world:

1. “Pet Owner” vs. “Pet Parent”

We all love our pets the same, so what’s the big deal? If you want to be a pet parent, be one. If you want to be a pet owner, be one. This might be the dumbest argument ever.

I consider myself a pet owner, but I think that’s either because I’m old-school or because I have kids. I’m not saying all people who have kids think of themselves as pet owners, but I do. I bought my dogs; therefore I own them. That’s just me.

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It doesn’t mean I love my pets less — it just means that’s what I call myself, not what I think everyone else should call themselves. You say roof, I say ruff. We need to get over this one fast because it’s just lame.

2. Breeders vs. Shelters

Really? Is this argument still going on? They are dogs. Anyone in their right mind can see this. I love dogs — all dogs. The dogs that I choose to have in my life happen to be purebred dogs purchased from a reputable breeder.

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I am not ruining the future of dogs. I am not killing dogs. You are — the ones who keep wasting their time fighting about it. If you don’t like my dog because it came from a breeder and it’s a purebred dog, or if you don’t like a dog because it is a mixed-breed dog that came from a shelter, you are a hypocrite. You love dogs, just not all dogs.

Truth? This is not the real issue. Responsible ownership and responsible breeding is the issue. It doesn’t matter where the dog came from or what breed it is, it’s what you do with it. We need to work together on this — not against one another.

3. Raw vs. Kibble Feeders

This topic seems to be getting worse. Unless you have an extensive background in pet nutrition, you should not be giving advice to anyone on their food choices. Sure, you can educate based on your experience, but either way it is not the end all be all. You should not be pushing this down someone’s throat.

Every dog is different, and so is every person’s circumstance. This seems to be an argument that gets heated and where both sides get screwed because they are so passionate about the issue.

I’ve been on dog health forums where I couldn’t believe the bullying that was going on. Either way, you can have a healthy dog if you do some quality research and put some heart and soul into it.

4. Vaccinate vs. Don’t Vaccinate

Vaccines have been overdone in the past, and now we’re wising up. But what gets me are the so-called pet experts who have no veterinarian background yet are telling people which vaccines they should give to their dogs and which vaccines they should not give to their dogs.

You don’t know who you are talking to and what risk their pet is at for getting certain diseases.

For instance, I live in an area that has had rabid raccoons running amok — and by running amok I mean running around in the wooded areas behind my house. So my dogs are vaccinated every 3 years for rabies per state and county law.

I fully understand my dogs most likely will still be protected after 3 years, but I’m not going to battle the state health department if there ever is an instance where they came into contact with a rabid animal.

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It’s my responsibility to protect my pets, and if they ever wound up quarantined or worse just because rumor had it I was over-vaccinating them, that would be irresponsible.

Truth? Some dogs need certain vaccines that other dogs don’t. Talk this over with your veterinarian, not Dr. Google.

Jennifer Costello

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Jennifer Costello is a pet blogger and veterinary technician. She shares all about her life with her family and dogs, Sherman and Leroy on her blog, My Brown Newfies. When not on adventures with the dogs, Jen is spending time with her husband, two children and guinea pig. Jen’s passions include photography, pet health and all things dog.


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