Animal Hero of the Month: Sherri Hall

Cats have a second chance thanks to Sherri Hall of Sherri’s Kitty Rehab and Critter Cradle Animal Sanctuary. Find out why she’s an animal hero.

Sherri Hall is our animal hero of the month for October.
Sherri Hall, pictured with her husband, Eddie, is Petful’s Animal Hero of the Month for October 2013.

Our Animal Hero of the Month award winner for September is Sherri Hall of Sherri’s Kitty Rehab and Critter Cradle Animal Sanctuary in Marshfield, Missouri.

Hall has been running a cat rehab and animal sanctuary for 18 years and doesn’t plan to quit any time soon.

She takes in cats that are abandoned, elderly, sick or scheduled for euthanization at animal control centers. She caters to animals that might otherwise not have a chance at getting proper medical care and a home of their own.

The Nomination

Hall’s nomination was sent in by Lora Martin:

“Sherri Hall is a wonderful caring lady taking in animals and does not ask a lot when you bring her a animal.

[Her property is] primarily a sanctuary for injured, disabled and abused cats. With the overpopulation in the shelters in our area, we have taken in many unwanted souls that would be simply discarded because it was inconvenient for their owners. We have also found ourselves comforting a few dogs, rabbits and birds. So goes life at the Critter Cradle.”


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About the Organization

Sherri Hall has loved animals from a young age, and she has always wanted to help them. Fast-forward to her adult years, and she has done just that. She started the animal sanctuary and rehab facility to help more animals in need at the same time. She also depends on a network of fans, donors, foster parents and volunteers to keep finding good homes for animals.

Animals with medical problems or those that are elderly or disabled are the ones Hall tries to help the most. Many people would pass up a cat for adoption if the cat needed extensive medical care, was missing limbs, or was old, blind or deaf. Hall recognizes these special-needs animals and believes each one deserves a chance and a home.

Another important aspect of Hall’s mission is to work with rescues, shelters and animal control offices. Her website and Facebook page are constantly updated with animals looking for homes, in need of funds for medical care or in need of foster parents. She also promotes spay and neuter to help reduce pet overpopulation.

This video shows the various cats Hall has helped over the years:

Q&A With Sherri Hall

1. Sherri, what got you started helping animals?

At a young age, I recognized the struggles animals had in the human’s society and knew that I had to do what I could to improve the quality of life for as many of God’s creatures as I could. I think I was born with a calling to help the voiceless animals and children. Both are dear to my heart.

2. What’s your earliest childhood memory that is animal-related?

The first memory I have is of a cat that my mom named Jolly. He was different and had problems walking but was always determined to get where he was going. He taught me that anything was possible as long as I was focused and never gave up. As a young child I had no idea about CH (cerebellar hypoplasia) kitties; I just knew he was a curious, funny and loving kitty with tons of spunk.

Gus needed eye surgery and was sitting at a shelter.
Gus needed eye surgery and was sitting at a shelter.

3. How old were you when you got your first animal?

Our family has always had animals, cats, dogs and birds. When I moved into my own home at the age of 17, I had three kitties.

4. What is your favorite animal?

Not sure I have a favorite animal — I love them all!

5. Tell us about the one animal you will never forget.

There are so many that I will never forget, but the one that sticks out to me would be Baby, a beautiful Persian who was my first rescue when I moved to Missouri from the state of Washington. In 1990 I was told about a breeder who was going to put this kitty to sleep because she was not show quality, so I paid $50 for the best kitty ever.

Baby was a life saver. She did not care for men; she especially did not like my ex-husband. She moved with me when I divorced. When I met Eddie, my husband now, Baby jumped up in his lap the first time he visited, and the story is history from there.

Baby saved my life in so many ways, and I do this for her. Her love remains in my heart and carries through to every soul who has come through our doors.

6. What are the least and highest amounts of pets you have had at one time?

For the least amount, I would have to say one, and the most at one time would be 16. In our rescue/sanctuary the least would be 20, and the most was 300.

7. If your pets could talk, what would they say?

Oh my, what they would say…

  • “Are you serious? Did you just sit in my spot, really?”
  • “No, I’m not sharing with the newbie.”
  • “Did you just turn on ’70s Saturday and are dancing and singing?”
  • “Really, you make me laugh.”
  • “Did you just cut that and blame it on me? Seriously?”
  • “You’re cooking that for me, right? And I get my own plate.”

All joking aside, I would imagine them to simply say, “Thank you, we love you.”

8. If you could solve one problem facing animals, what would it be?

Digger was taken in by a dog rescue and suffered before Hall stepped in.
Digger was taken in by a dog rescue and suffered before Sherri Hall stepped in.

I would want to solve more than one problem facing our animal kingdom. It all starts with spay and neuter. If people would awaken to the reality happening every day in their communities, I believe that we could start helping the situation.

The out-of-control overpopulation leads to the horrors the neglected, abandoned and abused animals suffer daily. I see the terror in their eyes when they are forced to endure being imprisoned in city pounds and kill shelters.

I long for a world where all of God’s creatures have loving homes and never have to face the loneliness and sadness.

9. If you could be reincarnated as any animal, which would you choose and why?

A dolphin. They are such highly intelligent and gentle creatures, free to roam the waters going wherever they are called — and they do not have the fear of deep water like I do!

10. If the rainbow bridge exists, which pet would you most like to see waiting for you on the other side?

Of course I would love to see all the pets that have crossed over to be with the angels, but I would have to say that I would most like to see Baby. She was so precious and went through so much with me.

* * *

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