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Fundraising (1 reply)

4 months ago
Marian55 4 months ago

Hello everyone, do someone know and can recommend any site for fundraising? I wish to try to get help for Moroccocats. Vaccins, parasitetreatments, bloodtests and adopt to Europe. But I dont know how to fundraise or what is to start fundraising. I am still in Morocco, couldn't leave and abandon them. Haven't found help for them either and searched. And understand it is many and much to do. And something is better then nothing. Twelve for now have a chance to get another life and a home, if I hopefully can start fundraise and pray for them and not let go. Then they can follow. 

Melissa Smith
4 months ago
Melissa Smith 4 months ago

Hi Marian! I don't know of any sites off the top of my head - we generally disallow fundraising through our website, so it's not something I've looked into a great deal. I'm sorry!

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