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Animal shelter drive-by (2 replies)

Dave Baker
2 years ago
Dave Baker 2 years ago

Here's a really cool idea Kristine tried a while back:

The Amazing Animal Shelter Drive-By

Have you heard about fun ways to get more people helping their local shelters? Tell us about them here.

Allison Gray
2 years ago
Allison Gray 2 years ago

I actually LOVE that "drive-by" idea. 

One of the shelters I worked at had a heated floor system. So even if they were still using newspapers for pet bedding (which they stopped using about a decade ago when they switched to blankets), the newspapers would stick to the floors and the ink would leach out, making a royal mess. But people who donated newspapers 10 years ago still continued to bring them in and we just had to throw them out.

Even when we reminded people that we didn't use newspapers anymore, some would still bring in the stacks. I think the guilt of throwing away the newspapers outweighed their willingness to believe us.

Checking with the shelter to see what it really needs is as important as donating!

Melissa Smith
2 years ago
Melissa Smith 2 years ago

This is a great idea! How many of us have stuff laying around the house that we don't need -- but that could be really useful to a shelter? I am going to call our local shelter and see if I have anything handy they can use!

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