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Top 10 Deals of the Week for Pets on

Here are some of the top deals and discounts we found on pet products this week. Bookmark this page and check back for new deals!

1. Outdoor Kitty House

If you have an indoor/outdoor cat, this house can offer them shelter when not indoors. The company also sells a heated version of the house for colder climates.

2. Disposable Litter Box

When traveling or you just don’t feel like cleaning it, this litter box is disposable. Instead of scooping, simply throw it away.


3. Nail Clippers

These ergonomically-designed clippers are easy to use and feature 3.5 mm thick blades. It includes a bonus miniature nail file.

4. Dog Pads

Great for puppies and adults, these pads are odor-eliminating and won’t leak or spread.

5. Bin and Rake

Make picking up poop easier with this bin and rake. It fits standard shopping bags in the bin, making clean up even easier.

6. Bird Perch

Add another place for your bird to perch or play with this 21″ add-on. It is bendable, so you can make shapes or use as a perch only if desired.

7. Air Purifier

No matter how much you clean, the air still smells. Clear it up with this air purifier. Over 6,000 people give it an average 4.5 star rating.

8. iRobot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum
List Price:$374.00
Price Disclaimer

This robot vacuum can be scheduled to run 7 times per week and automatically adjusts to different types of flooring.

9. Lint Rollers

Having a pet means having pet hair on you and everything else. Take it away with this 5-pack of lint rollers, and keep one in the car, too.


10. Milk-Bone Snacks

Great for training or simply treating, Milk-Bone snacks are always a favorite. This container has 40 ounces of “MaroSnacks” for your furry friend.

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