Slow feed dog bowl

Slow Feed Dog Bowl


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Do you have a dog that rushes through its food, coughing and choking it down? There are a few ways you can slow them down — but one of the best is to use a slow feed bowl like this one. The design is specially made to keep your pets from being able to rush through their food.

Color may vary (blue or white is common).

Available Size: Medium only (30 oz.)


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Rushed eating can cause choking, discomfort and even deadly bloat. Getting your pets to eat slower will help them digest their food better and improve their health.

These bowls are made from plastic that is heavy-duty. With a rubbery base, your pets won’t have to chase their dish around the floor as it slides around; the base also prevents it from tipping. In addition, these bowls can be put through the dishwasher to keep clean.

Here’s a quick video showing Jackson enjoying his bowl:


Available Size: Medium 30 oz. ($5.99)


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1 review for Slow Feed Dog Bowl

  1. Richard

    5 out of 5

    Service and shipping was very prompt. Pricing is good. Have a puppy that devious food being afraid some other dog will take it. Bowl has slowed him down but still eats like a pig. Now she flips the dish over to get the food that’s at the bottom of the dish.

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