14 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Dogs or Cats

Nearly half of you will be getting your pet something special for Valentine's. Here are a few good ideas.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and many of you will be giving your pets something special.

An informal survey we did last year found that 45 percent of pet caregivers — nearly half of them — planned to give their pets a Valentine’s Day gift.

There are so many holiday-themed pet gifts it makes my head spin; tons of lovey-dovey, heart-shaped this or that for Baxter or Mr. Fluffmeister. But not all traditional gifts are safe. With food or treats, for example, ingredients such as chocolate, xylitol and grapes can be toxic to cats and dogs.

Below are 14 safe (and fun) Valentine’s gift ideas.


1. Love Pup Caterpillar

Category: Toys

Toys are always great gifts and offer a fun way to interact with your dogs or keep them busy when you’re away from home. The Love Pup Caterpillar (affiliate link) is perfect for a game of tug-of-war or for the endless battle to destroy the squeaker toy inside (my dog was a pro at this).

2. Catnip Pickle

Category: Toys

Cat people can go with the catnip pickle toy. It’s a soft green pickle filled with aromatic catnip that will have your kitty chasing, grabbing and going nuts. It’s Petful’s best-selling toy — for good reason.


3. “Kiss Me” Hoodie

Category: Clothes

If you’re still feeling the effects from a cold winter or just love to dress up your pets, a new Valentine’s outfit isn’t hard to find. This hoodie is lightweight and perfect for walks. It comes in 6 sizes and is almost half off from The Sassy Pup.


 4. Tuxedo Kitty Clothing

Category: Clothes

Whether your cat demands to be the center of attention or is always looking for ways to stay warm, this tuxedo shirt in Valentine’s Day colors offers a comfortable yet formal pizzazz.


 5. Heart ID Tag

Category: Tags

Has your pet’s ID tag seen better days? Prefer a tag with a love motif? You’re in luck. This heart ID tag comes in 2 sizes, small and large, from Pet Elegance. The back can be engraved with 4 lines of text you specify during checkout.

This heart bowl is available from Amazon.

6. Heart Bowl

Category: Bowls & Dishes

Although food and water may just be daily ho-hum necessities, give it some flair with heart-themed bowls and dishes. This heart bowl is available from Amazon (affiliate link).

If you like feathers, this posh bed fits the bill.

7. Posh Pink Tent

Category: Pet Beds

Is your pet’s pad in need of an upgrade? Or perhaps your pet is like mine — I get a new bed and she sleeps everywhere but there. I think it’s the bed, so I buy another. Well, here is a fantastically frilly one for Valentine’s Day. Both dog and cat versions are available at Doggie Vogue.

This dog collar has optional letters if you want it personalized.

8. Trendy Dog Collar

Category: Collars and Leashes

If your furball is still wearing a collar with reindeer or snowflakes on it, it’s time to update the look. Here are some Valentine’s colors to get you started. This dog collar has optional letters if you want it personalized.

This cat collar has a breakaway clasp and pretty hearts.

9. Cat Collar With Hearts

Category: Collars and Leashes

This cat collar has a breakaway clasp and pretty hearts. Get it at Amazon (affiliate link).

If you don't have time to bake, order it! Valentine treat box from Healthy Hound Bakery.

10. Valentine’s Treat Box

Category: Treats

Oh so scrumptious and delicious… What pet could say no? There are treats you can buy or make yourself to spoil your pet with something special. If you don’t have time to bake, order it! Pictured here is the Valentine’s treat box from Healthy Hound Bakery.

Brownies made for cats and full of catnip

11. Catnip Brownies

Category: Treats

Brownies made for cats and full of catnip! Order from Pampered Paw Gifts.

The Tagg tracker clips on to your pet's collar.

12. Tagg: The Pet Tracker

Category: Pet Trackers

This gift works for the benefit of you and your pet. You get peace of mind knowing your pet can be found, and your pet gets a better chance at coming home if lost or stolen. We used and reviewed the Tagg device and give it 4 paws up.

How happy does this pooch look? By: Bruce Fingerhood

13. Pamper Your Pet

Category: Grooming

Schedule a trip to the groomer for a bath, ear cleaning or nail trim. Your pet will feel and smell better, and you get a break. Find a Groomer is a good place to get started. I entered my ZIP code and found a groomer minutes away from my home. Some groomers will come to you. Many will also happily use Valentine-themed bandanas or bows to celebrate the season of love. Ask in advance about what pets and types they will groom.

Your pet will love spending time with you. By: jeffreyw

14. Time

Yes, time is a gift. Your pet loves it, you’ll feel better afterward and it’s free. Play with toys, go to the park, chase some string or just take a midday nap with your dog or cat. Don’t forget to turn off your posting-tweeting-liking electronic monsters so you won’t get distracted.

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