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Rabbit Vaccines 101 (2 replies)

11 months ago
a.maria 11 months ago


I have a question about rabbits and vaccinations. I actually receive my rabbit as a birthday present from a few friends of mine. They knew I have an obsession with them ( constantly watching videos, showing them pics I found on Instagram..list goes on) His name is Frankie and he is a Holland Lop...I believe. And I think he's about eight months old. My friend didn't get all the information about him when he got him for me. 

So my question of vaccinations is when is it a good age for me to get him vaccinated? And in regards to the answer...how long should the time from then until I decided to get him neutered? 


-a bunny mama

Melissa Smith
11 months ago
Melissa Smith 11 months ago

HI bunny mama! Congrats on your new fluffy family member! Rabbits are adorable <3

I have never owned rabbits, so unfortunately I don't have a knowledgebase to draw from. But what I might do in your shoes is find a veterinarian for your bunny. He'll need one anyways and this way you can bring him in for a checkup to make sure he's physically in good shape. Then while you're there you can get the lowdown on vaccs and other rabbit-related stuffs!

Dr. Pippa Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS
11 months ago
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Hi there, Bunny Mama!

This is such a good question. I'm in the UK and here we routinely vaccinate against myxomatosis and HVD (hemorrhagic viral diarrhea). However, from what I understand HVD isn't a big problem in the States and so there are no vaccinations that are given routinely, indeed I don't believe there are any vaccines licensed for use in rabbits in the US. 

But do follow Melissa's advice and register with a rabbit friendly vet and get your new addition checked out. 


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