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Started by Mama bear 1 year ago
I have two adorable and aggravating ferrets. I was wondering if anyone else has any? I adore them but I have two main issues 1is weight.2 is fleas and problem finding a reliable vet. 
Last replied to by Booboo1 4 months ago
Hi there!  I've had 3 ferrets over the past 6 years.  I have one left ... Gus.  He is my fuzzy angel without wings ;)...
Started by stephanielovesanime 6 months ago
i found out my girl cow boris is actually a muscly man and I'm not sure if boy cows eat different food or if they need other kinds of juice
Started by Kristine Lacoste 2 years ago
I mentioned in another post about an injured female mallard who set up camp in our backyard several weeks ago. Here is a picture of her and her companion. There is also a video of them swimming (and several other duck videos are on our YouTube channe...
Last replied to by Melissa Smith 1 year ago
Aw I hope she comes back! I bet she does, she knows you have a safe and loving place for her.
Started by a.maria 9 months ago
Hey I have a question about rabbits and vaccinations. I actually receive my rabbit as a birthday present from a few friends of mine. They knew I have an obsession with them ( constantly watching videos, showing them pics I found on Instagram..list g...
Last replied to by Dr. Pippa Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS 9 months ago
Hi there, Bunny Mama! This is such a good question. I'm in the UK and here we routinely vaccinate against myxomatosis a...
Started by Karen Doll 1 year ago
I'm looking to connect with other fellow backyard chicken keepers! I've been keeping a small flock of laying hens since 2010. I've had a wide variety of breeds during that time, but my all time favorite breed is the Delaware, which is currently list...
Last replied to by James 10 months ago
Been busy for a awhile and missed this site. Chickens are doing fine. 
Started by Ella5512 1 year ago
My family has two dogs. One is a normal dog; he likes to go on walks, eat food, etc. But he never really got trained fully...These were our first two dogs. He runs away if the door is open (just to the neighbor's, and always the same spot. We can lur...
Last replied to by Dr. Pippa Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS 1 year ago
Guinea pigs are epic! They really are great characters. One of ours used to express a preference for watching cartoons ...
Started by Kirsti Stephenson 1 year ago
Hi there! My name is Kirsti Stephenson, and I am a proud Petful Member and Contributer. If we have not met yet, please feel free to go to my Profile Page and check out some of my Exotic Family Photo Albums, Ask Me a Question, or make  friend reque...
Last replied to by Gayle Hickman 1 year ago
Snakes freak me out!  When I was a child, my brother-in-law (who was smitten with snakes and lizards) would chase us ar...
Started by Kirsti Stephenson 2 years ago
If your Fear, Finances, Time, and Space inside or outside your home were not an issue.....What type of Exotic Pet would you reakky want to own and take care of? Not wild Animals like Giraffes or Elephants etc. But domesticated, exotic pets.....woul...
Last replied to by Kirsti Stephenson 2 years ago
Hey Kristine, Hedgehogs can be great pets if you get one young enough and have the time to handle them frequently so t...
Started by Dave Baker 2 years ago
We're in the throes of summer, and that means all kinds of dangers for exotic pets. How do you deal with pesticides, containment and the heat with your exotic pet?http://www.petful.com/pet-health/outdoor-safety-for-exotic-pets/
Last replied to by Dr. Pippa Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS 2 years ago
Hi Kirsti, What a great name for a bearded, Karma! They are such chilled characters and seem so wise!I'm in the UK so i...

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