Communicate With Your Dead Pet
Dog ghost? By: andy carter

Do you think it’s possible that you can communicate with your dead pet?

There is a pet psychic in New York City with the natural ability to read “energy auras,” not only in humans, but in canines, felines, and the occasional chicken, horse, elephant and monkey. And she does this from a single picture. Seriously.

Through a process she calls “photo sensing,” she senses the energy, vibration, colors and energy surrounding your critter.


“Dates appear above the animal’s head, and the picture begins to move like in a movie, the dog psychic explained. “I can see the buildings, clothing and surroundings related to the … past life. Not many pet psychics are tapping into an animal’s past lives, and people are interested to know their pets on a deeper level.”

I was a bit intrigued by this pet communicator’s claims, and I set out to experience her services first hand.

  • Subject in question: My 1-year-old Boston terrier.
  • Name: Bandit.
  • Hobbies: Playing in the park, snoring, passing gas, sleeping on my pillow and chasing balls.

In our year together, Bandit has established himself as a member of the family, and I at least like to think that he is moderately happy with the life of leisure I have provided for him. But who really is this creature with whom I spend so much time, and more important, what is he thinking when he quizzically gazes at me? You know the look.

As instructed, I e-mailed two photos to the pets psychic: one of myself and one of Bandit sitting proudly on a rock in Central Park. The psychic offered me a phone reading based on these images.

Dog Psychic Reading

The dog psychic reading went something like this:

Psychic: “Oh, you two know each other really well. You’re very old friends. I’m seeing England in the 1820s. You two were companions, and he was your bodyguard.”

Me (to self): Bandit? The goof! A bodyguard?

Psychic: “Bandit has a very sweet energy about him but is also very controlling. He likes his own way. Oh, I’m seeing that Bandit was not a male dog in his past life, but a female dog named Joy. I see her back then with a smile on her face!”

Me (to self): Well, Joy is an appropriate name, and he does have his little boyfriend on the block, Alfie, the French bulldog.

Psychic: “Bandit’s other owner, your boyfriend. … I think they met later, around 1825. You all lived together in an art studio. Bandit [aka Joy] was the guard dog to this studio. I think your boyfriend was a sculptor in his past life.”

Me: “Well, that’s interesting, because my boyfriend is an artist now — a photographer, actually.”

Psychic: “Oh yes, this makes sense. And you were all living together in a city environment. I can see the buildings. It looks like you are living in either London or New York.”

Me (to self): Hmm, fascinating, really. This is all so very Shirley MacLain.

Psychic: “And I can sense that Bandit has some kind of behavioral problem going on right now. Has he been having a behavioral issue? This problem needs to be treated like a habit that he needs to break. This is not related to any health issues, from what I see.”

Me: “Well, he has been throwing up a lot lately, pulling on his leash, jumping up on everybody he meets, sniffing a lot of the bottoms of strange dogs, not coming when called. … Should I go on? Then again he is a puppy.”

So, ahem … that was my journey to the other side and back. I think we can agree there was nothing earth-shattering.

Some of the observations didn’t correlate with what I felt to be an intimate knowledge of my pup. But, then again, I don’t mind thinking of being with Bandit (Joy) in 19th-century Europe. That seems a rather regal way of looking at our relationship, and at worst, this telephone reading from a pet psychic was great fun.

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Suggested Reading

Even if a pet psychic is too phooey for you, may we suggest a book? Many grieving pet owners have found some solace when reading the excellent When Your Pet Dies: A Guide to Mourning, Remembering and Healing (affiliate link).

It’s a compassionate handbook to understanding why your feelings are so strong after the death of your family member, and it also shows you how to explain the loss to your children. This beautifully written, special book includes some helpful ideas for remembering and memorializing your pet.

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  • Sairaj Iyer

    Hi, iam from india, my two dogs, an indian pariah and a female labrador rtriever, died recently, i have a pup from the female one, but i want to communicate with my dead dogs, if they would be reborn, iam deeply grieved by their sudden loss, and her pup, it seems always asks me where is mom and my uncle, its a gr8 loss for me and my family, i hope u wud understand as a dog lover, plz do let me know if there is any person who can answer this question.

  • Terry

    I lost my best pal Jessie last year.
    he might have been a dog but he was there when my mother died. when he died i felt like i lost everything. he was the last of the family i knew. can anyone help me find peace?

  • Trina

    Hello, I lost my beautiful horse Riley July 17, 2010 after 7 wonderful years together. i would like to know if he’s been in my life before like in the 1820s like bandit/joy and when to know ive found him again

  • Helen

    My dog Roxy died last week. She had Cushing’s disease and her short life wasn’t easy. I thought I was going to go insane with grief, so for the first time in my life I contacted a psychic to find out how Roxy was. I told the psychic nothing about anything, just my dog’s name. She emailed a long readng back to me in which she gave a spot-on description of Roxy’s appearance, what her final days were like, she even described two other dogs of mine who died years ago and who are with Roxy now. She described my home, the things Roxy was aware of – even the orchids we cultivate! This really comforted me, and I now know Roxy’s spirit is still around me.


      Wow, that pet psychic sounds amazing. And all that from a reading via email! Thanks for sharing your own experience, Helen. Sorry for your loss, but it’s nice that you found some comfort.

    • simran

      who was that psychic please please please give me his/her contact info….my email is…plz reply me as soon as possible…i am miserable….my dog died 5 days ago

    • Suzy

      Who was that psychic? Please give me his/her contact info….my email is Please reply to me as soon as possible. I am so sad. My beloved cat died 1 week ago today.

  • mckenzy

    I would like 2 give tht pet psychic a try! I lost my puppy in feb. He was hit by a speeding car. Bear (my dog) would always wait at the bus stop for our neighbors child at 2 and would wait at my bus stop for me at 3. One day he was crossing my neighbors little boy across the street when he said “go home bear.” Bear made his way 2 the street he glanced 2 see the boy walk inside and was hit by the speeding car. The car left him there in the street, i got the call on the bus. Even though this happened more than 7 months ago i sometimes still cry myself 2 sleep, i blame myself for letting him run free. Tht morning i didnt pet him, i was worried he would jump on my clothes on the way 2 the bus stop, i never thought tht i wudnt be able 2 pet him later tht day, i hate myself for tht i have 2 know tht he forgives me. He was the best dog ive ever had and i miss him with all my heart.

    • Christian

      Me too, my dog was killed by a car. Even though it wasn’t my fault, I blame myself.

      • Clair

        I absolutely blame myself. I came home from college, and maybe a month later I was backing out of the garage to go to my boyfriend’s house. Unbeknownst to me, my dog Cleo was sleeping underneath the car.

        She had been in our family since 7th grade, and I loved her so so much. This happened at the end of May. I still forget that she’s really gone sometimes.

        And I just can’t believe that I was the one who did it. When I was at college I would constantly tell my parents to take good care of Cleo. And I came home and killed her. Time makes it easier to forget and go on with my life, but I will never forgive myself for what I did. I feel like she trusted me to never hurt her, and I completely failed her.

        I, too, wish I could speak to her, just so I could tell her how much I love her. I hope she knows that it wasn’t on purpose. I’m worried that in her last moments she thought she might have done something wrong because I was screaming when I got out of the car because I realized what I’d done. It’s so hard to find peace after something like this. And to not know what she was thinking or feeling… Her last moments kill me every day.

        • Pets Adviser

          Clair, we are so very sorry for your heartbreaking loss. Please understand that this absolutely was not your fault. It was an accident, and accidents happen — sometimes very terrible accidents happen.

          Of course you will never forget Cleo, but perhaps, in time, another puppy will find its way into your heart.

  • Jake

    Wow. I guess it depends on the psychic. I think most of them are just in it for the money though. I don`t think they give you any interesting information anyway. No insight. I really wish I could find a good way of contacting my dead pets. Snookie and Max (cat and dog) were great pals of mine and I would love to see or talk to them again.

    I`m really sorry to hear about your loss Mckenzy. Try not to blame yourself for Bear`s accident. It was`t your fault. Accidents happen. The driver should have been watching where they were going.

  • rebecca

    I’m interested in contacting the pet psychic Helen used on this link – “How to Communicate With Your Dead Pet… Maybe”…
    Please email the info or ask Helen permission for me to contact her. I just lost my beloved pet and would also like to get some comfort as she did about Roxy.
    Thank you..


    Hi Rebecca and McKenzy, we’re trying our best to get the name of the psychic Helen talked about here in her comments. Stay tuned.

  • Helen

    Sorry – I haven’t visited this thread recently. The psychic who contacted my little Roxy truly amazed me. I had no physical contact with her whatsoever, and I didn’t even talk to her over the phone. I contacted her via email and only gave her Roxy’s name. She didn’t know anything about me or my home or any of my other animals. I contacted her in desperation combined with a good dose of skeptimism. However, I was pleasantly suprised! She described my surroundings, my dead dogs, my three living animals, even Roxy’s character exactly the way she was. I don’t know how this sort of thing works, but it is obvious to me that there really is something beyond our physical world. As PetsAdviser said, I have contacted the psychic, and if she agrees I will make her contact details available to him. Somebody like her really helps heal a broken heart. Helen


    Helen passes along the following: Her animal psychic’s name is Daphne van Vuuren, and she is available for readings via email. Her email address is She lives in Kempton Park, South Africa.

  • linda

    how much does Daphne in South Africa charge for her readings?

    • Pets Adviser

      @linda – We don’t know how much she charges. We are simply passing along the contact info. We don’t necessarily recommend her services or get any money from mentioning her — or even know anything about her, really. So contact her directly if you want info. Thanks.

  • Linda

    I tried contacting Daphne a few times by email and she never replied. Is she still doing readings?

  • Julie

    You need to be more picky and meticulous in your search as it is easy to fake a connection with an animal. Some animals can tell you themselves whether the psychic asserts during psychic readings is right. You can ask your friends for reliable information and check the quantity of experience and success your psychic has had with other pet psychic readings.

  • Jazzmin

    This made me look ahead to when my daughter will have a child (this May). She and her husband have two dogs that are definitely family members. Jon, the father-to-be, knows that one or both dogs will probably not live through their child’s pre-school years. Ideas about how to handle this eventuality will be valuable to these young parents. So I am forwarding to them the link to the book “When Your Pet Dies.”
    Thanks for that.

  • Simran

    I am from India. I had a chihuahua named SILVI. She lived for 4 years and died in 2008. She was part of a pair, and the male dog is still with me. It has been 3 years, and I still cry too much for her sometimes. I was 12 when I got these dogs. They were and still are so close to me.

    I lost her unexpectedly, and that too when my board exams were going on. I somehow managed to give my exams. I also cried in my exam hall. I was so lost for 1 year. I couldn’t eat properly and lost weight due to that.

    I am so careful about my other dog after SILVA’s sudden death. Now I don’t want to lose him. I know I will have to lose him someday. I want him to live a long happy life and I want to be mentally prepared for his death. I want to take my time to say goodbye to him when he’s too old to live.

    I sure would like to see a pet psychic and know about my two dogs. But there are no pet psychics in India.

    • Pets Adviser

      Simran, thank you for sharing your story. It’s very sad when a pet dies, and so your emotions were very normal.

      But you do not need a pet psychic. It’s not necessary. Just enjoy the time you have with your dog now while he is with you and in good health. Never take the time you have with him for granted. Love him. And show him that you love him. Take care of him and keep him in good health. These things are far more important than anything a dog clairvoyant could tell you.

  • Abigail

    My dog Dooney just passed away, and I am devastated. I loved him so much, and feel so guilty. The day of his passing my daughter was sick, so when I got home Dooney was anxious to see us, and I told him hi, but didn’t pay as much attention as I usually would. He went out the front door and was bit by another dog without me knowing. We were looking for him without any luck, until my husband found him in the back alley, already dead.

    The pain is unexplainable, and my heart is shattered. I feel like his death could have been prevented, and i just wish he could be here with me right now. I don’t know what to do anymore because I cannot resign to the idea of not having him around anymore, and I have been crying nonstop.

    I really would like to see if I could get in contact with the psychic Helen spoke to, but I would like to know if anyone else has been able to get in contact with her.

    • Pets Adviser

      Abigail, so sorry to hear about Dooney. Losing a pet is heartbreaking, especially when it’s so sudden and violent. Intense grief is normal and natural. Keep talking through it with your husband and daughter; hard to believe, but time will heal this wound too.

  • Julie Robinson

    Hi there,

    I too would really like to get in touch with Helen. I lost my beloved toy poodle Gemma almost 7 weeks ago, and I am completely devastated. She was my world, and my life will never be the same again. I miss my baby so much and it would be so good to contact someone who could communicate and reassure me in some way.

  • Mia

    Hello, my name is Mia, and I come from Croatia.

    I lost my cat 2 days ago. She suddenly became very ill a month ago and died in my arms on the morning of June 25th. I massaged her heart area and gave her mouth to mouth, but she never came back.

    She was my world, my love, my life, my everything. I am absolutely devastated; I have been screaming in pain and crying and just asking her to come back so I can hug her and see her again. She was only 7 years old — she died way too soon. I cannot explain the connection we had, and you can probably not understand it. I have one more cat — her daughter, so her legacy lives on in her, but it is not the same without my precious Blessy.

    Will someone be kind enough to let me know about a psychic or anyone who could help me see where she is and if she is OK, and if I will see her when I die and leave this life? I need to know the truth. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t go out, I can’t do anything. I just need to know; I need to talk to her.

    Thank you everyone in advance, and so sorry for the loss of your pets.

    • Leslie Allen

      I am sorry for your loss, I lost my kitty yesterday, it is so hard to lose a pet.

    • jennifer

      hi Mia-
      i wonder whether you will ever read this-its 3 years after you wrote this-
      I KNOW in my heart and soul you will meet and know your beloved cat again.
      Love is the biggest thing living creatures can experience,and it does not die.
      i don’t care if people don’t believe this,I’m not trying to convert anyone-
      but I just know.
      with love,

    • shannondede

      Rely upon your own Love and connection to your pet. It may take time to develop that openness to receiving your gifts from your departed mate but leave these charlatans be. They will take your money and you will get nothing much in return. Read my above post before paying for a session. I was a “TRUE” believer but now, just even more sad after my so called session. If there are any legit’s about, you won’t find them on the internet. Good Luck to you. I know your desperate grief. Don’t allow someone to play on your grief love. Be well.

    • Sara

      Hi there, with the help of meditation and prayers to God. 4 years ago, a bright light woke me up in the middle of the night and when i looked it was my Cookies gardien angel. A man dressed in white with a long white beard. So right away my mind went to Cookie. For so long i wanted to see him again, and that night i didnt see him but with the angel there i new Cookie was right there looking back at me. So i closed my eyes with happyness in my hart and a few seconds later i felt Cookies paw caressing my hand as if saying im OK. Im not in pain anymore. I slept like a baby and thanked the Lord for that chance.

  • Jenny

    I just had a devastating house fire, my house burned down, my 3 dogs are ok, but i am missing 3 cats… I am keeping up hope that they are alive. It is very emotionally draining.

    • Pets Adviser

      Oh my goodness, Jenny! So sorry to hear about this. Our thoughts are with you…

    • Jenny

      Thank you so much. The worst part is the not knowing.

  • Jessica

    I lost my dog soul mate Bella after she was bitten by a venous snake. She had the best medical care money could buy. She was seen at 3 different pet hospitals and given 4 does of antivenin. She died 36 hours later from a blood clot. They did CPR and tried to get her heart started again but they were unable to bring her back. I want to talk to Bella again I loved her so much and would be willing to have a reading done.

  • Chantelle Downie

    my dog died and it’s horrible i really need to see her again not just in a picture i need her back an people allways say in time you’ll get over it and just remember all the nice memories but i dont want to get over it and i dont want her just to be a memory i want her to be here not just in my head an i really need one of those people that say where she is now an if she can communicate with me or if theres a way to see her even though she’s dead

    • PetsAdviser

      Chantelle, our deepest condolences on the death of your loved one.

  • Jourdan Chrn

    is there anyone i can email to tell me if my cat is okay at rainbow bridge i miss h so much im eleven so this is sooo hard on me i knew him from the second he was born please it there someone out there who can speak via email to me

  • Serena Celes†ine

    My dog Charlie passed away this morning. The vet believed he was poisoned. I am terrified that he suffered a painful death, if he did it would break my heart, I just pray that he didn’t. I sat with him this morning for a couple of hours, telling him I love him and telling him a story using all the words he recognises. I could tell he was listening to me, and happy that I was there with him until the end. I will never know what is was that actually poisoned him. Right now he is lying in his bed. We will bury him tonight, but I am worried that once he is gone from the house it will sink in that he is gone and I will go mad with grief. I have had Charlie for over 9 years, and this was very sudden and unexpected, making it even more of a shock and painful. I feel lost. He really was part of the family. I’m not sure whether I believe in life after death, (I would like to think so), but I am considering trying to contact him if I can fin out how. I am just so deperate to have my dog back. I can’t believe that he’s gone.

    • channelinglove

      Charlie is fine and he wants you to know that you can visit him at the bridge. Don’t be afraid to talk with him. Invite him to your home. Be patient. It might take time to find him spiritually, but you will if you practice channeling your energy. My dog Goldie died a few months ago and I was ready to die soon after. I wanted her to come take me with her, but instead she sent me a little angel to rescue me and who needed to be rescued himself. Recently she has been visiting and my doggie sees her. I feel her presence and we speak to each other frequently (in thought). Don’t give up, just be patient and ask him to send you or help you find a new companion that the three of you can connect with. Good luck and may God bless you with the strength to hold on to your dreams.

      • VanillaSugar507

        I lost my cat 4 days ago I’m really devastated she was my bff I don’t have kids so she was like my baby too. She suffer from epatic epilepsy they never found a reason for her seizures she hd a seizure that night she neber woke up again I was at work my fiance found her death is the bathroom. I cry every day still… I feel I’m good by moments and after I got home I just crash again on tears. Why she had to goo way to soon its was barely 1year and 7 months this year I was goinf to make her a kitty birthday :( she left now my house is missing her is so empty I love her and I want to know if she’s fine I wish I could see her one more time and know if she’s fine if it was my fault that she died I don’t know cause she was really pamperes and spoiled she was my baby and I can’t believe she’s gone now she was my best friend my back companion. Now I’m fostering twi kitties jist for two weeks cause I’m a volunteer of a feline association of my city sushi never like other cats around but I’m just doong this cause my fiance talk to the adoption coordinator and she told him ill be good for me to have some companion to ease my lost. I wich someone could help me to know if she’s fine and let her know that I love her and I wish I could ever see her again and hig her let her know I love her. Thanks and I’m sorry for my long history

  • Funny-baby123

    Can u please help me ? My horse , Flicka, she died. She got Collic , it’s where the intestines twist , and they can’t poop. It got so bad they has to put her down. I really need to know about her. I had her for three years and I miss her and think of her everyday. Please help me communicate with her. Please.

  • haley nicole s.

    i had a pet ferret sandy she died 7 months ago hut i think about her all the time i look at the stairs i see her going up them. just any thing i see i see a memory

    • haley nicole s.

      someone just prease help me i am 12 years old and misrible we were together since i was 6 i need help. i never been so sad in my life and for soo long

      • Pets Adviser

        Hi Haley, so sorry to hear about your ferret dying. It’s ALWAYS sad when it happens, but in your case the ferret was your companion for practically as long as you can remember.

        Just cherish those memories you did have. It seems hard to believe, but it will get easier as time passes, and one day you will feel like getting another pet.

        • haley nicole s.

          thank you but how can i stop like seeing her when i do something? like go up the stairs?

  • Ale

    My beloved baby Labrador, Morgan, died a few months back…we’re guessing she had a undetectable heart issue and died of a heart attack…but..when she passed it was horrible…she was in my bed, twiching with death howls (which in my dazed haze mistook for her scared whimpers of a nightmare)…I watched the light leave her eyes…Somthing no one, let alone a 16 year old, should see. I’ll never be the same…Morgan was my baby, and only mine. I trained her, cleaned her when she had an accident in her kennel while we where house training her…i trained her to sit, lay, stay, and shake myself…fed her, walked her..and just played with her…in other words it was like a mother raising a daughter…I loved her so much..and she was always there when I needed her..she laied next to me when I needed someone, and stayed away when she knew I needed to be alone…but her death was a blow to me…she would have been 2 on 12/26/12…Chistmas wont be the same…we cremated her…just so I can have somthing to hold when I need her…I still sleep with her favorite toy…I just want my baby girl back..or at least see her one last time..or just know everythings alright…somthing…anything…

  • Aina

    I lost my best friend, we did everything together went everywhere together. She passed away this last summer June 14, 2012. She was a Shetland sheepdog (Sheltie) and the most intelligent, agile, athletic dog I could of ever known. She died of Cancer at the age of 6. In those years we bonded very closely and it was so hard that she was lively and fresh one moment and then down and dead the next. December 4th we lost our male Sheltie due to old age he lived to be 14 a very good age. He was my childhood dog and I grew up with him ever since I came home at The Age of 4. I had my cuddlier and lover Lucky, and my sweet and athletic Cassie who were both Shelties who are no longer in my life. I miss them both dearly and it has caused me depression and some self harm mostly do to the loss of my Cassie. She was such a big part in my life and I can’t believe that she is gone out of my life forever. I just want to know how she is doing and if she is happy where she is now. Lucky as well. Thank you for your time.

    Aina, age 16

  • mercy

    I have lost my husband and soul mate to suicide. Is he still with me? Can he see, me, talk to me and communicate? I’m lost, as I don’t feel him with me right now. It’s as if there is a wall between us, he’s on the other side, and knows he can’t come back. He’s always said we were destined to be together forever.This was all the question i asked my self until i contacted Doctor kelvin that helped me to answer all those questions.i finally contacted my husband.Here is his email address just in case you need his

  • deborah

    i am giving this testimony cos l am happy

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  • Christian

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  • Jane B.

    My grief is overwhelming. Punkin was ran over Saturday, The neighbor brought her little body to our door where I held her,for the last time. I can’t eat, sleep, struggle to do anything . I miss her sooo much. I just can’t function. I honestly want to just die so the pain would be gone. My husband says our kids need me too much. But not like this. I just want her back. I have been trying to see her when i dream but nothing. I need to know she is ok. Can anyone help me.

  • Vi Davis

    My dog Simba passed away 2 days ago 5/26/2013. She had Canine Distemper. Unfortunately, there is no cure for canine distemper, she got high
    fever (≥103.5 ° F, or 39.7° C), reddened eyes, and a watery discharge
    from the nose, anorexic, Persistent coughing, vomiting, and diarrhea. Late night on 5/24/2013 she was convulsive twice….. But suddently morning on 5/25/2013 she was normal, ate good, greedy eating, and not convulsive…. But I still so worry, so i called doctor came to helping her. He gave her some shoots for support nutritious. Then couple mins he left, she was paralysed whole body. Convulsive every 4 minutes and cant walk. Her eyes turn white color and the tounge stick out mouth and jaw was frozen. She could not hold her pooh and she passed away after nearly 10 hrs of suffer in pain. She still tried to look at us when we called her and tried to look around for her brother (we had to seperate her brother for not get sick from her)….

    She is the smartest dog and so close to each family member. All of us still cant hold the tears and cant believe that she already gone. Later, i know how to help this sick. When dogs start to eating again and greedy eating, u have to help them eating good and as much as possible and together give them support by antibiotic. It gonna help they to build the immune system to fight back with sick….

    But it is too late. I called doctor came to help her but he came to kill her. I just want to save her life, but……… I feel so angry myself and never forgive it. Every morning wake up, i just dont want to wake up at all when i recognize she was not there anymore, she already gone and the person lead her to death is me

    I am regret a lot, hurt a lot and just keep crying. I want she back to me….

  • Vi Davis

    I want to ask her if she is sad and angry me? I want to apology to her because of my decision killed her. I want to ask her if she is safe now? I want to ask her if she is in heaven or still next to me and my mom? I want to ask her if one day we could be with each other again? Can she reincarnate become my 2nd child which i has planed in 2015? I would love to have her back again….. And i want to tell her that i miss her and love her so much. She meant everything to me

  • Linnell Jones

    Hello, My Dog LC Was Put too sleep because Her Kidney was not working any more and Also When they put her Down i cried for hours I didnt know what too do! But I hope she Has know Pain I….I wish I could of seen her Just One more time! I want too know What Does she feel Right now Or Somthing The Vet said There was nothing we could of done too help her But i really wanna see her again! Soo bad! But I have too Push through I think that’s What she would want But I Was with her the Last times of her life. But i know shes happy now But i wish I could of helped!

  • Huslen

    Hi my name is Huslen. I am from Mongolia. My big brothers’ spaniel dog Bobby got passed away because of giving wrong food. He likes to go outside. Then after 1 year I could feel him. He stayed with us for 1 or more years. I really want to contact with him. Because he is the only pet that was staying alive. I really can’t forget about it. If i could contact with him now it would be very nice. I feel like everything this happened is a nightmare. I cannot believe it.

  • stacey

    Yesterday I put my 19 year old cat to sleep. I have been with her since she was 8 weeks old. She had kidney failure (as well as thyroid cancer & heart issues). I am devastated. I am so sad. Every time I think of her I start crying & feel so bad, like I should have done something else, something to make her better, though I know that was not possible.
    We did have her put down at home by our vet, while we were all with her. I miss her so much. She slept with me nearly every night. She has lived with me longer than anyone else – I met my husband & we had our children while she was with me.
    I am just so very, very sad. My husband, kids & vet have been great, but I wish she could come back. As my son said, “I wish that pets lived as long as people do”.

  • simran

    i am from india
    my 12 year old chihuahua SANVI died 5 days ago…he was my first pet…i had him since i was 10…and i miss him terribly…i was sleeping when he died…and my mom and dad took him away without telling me…i am so mad at them for doing this to me…i didn’t even get to say goodbye to my baby…we found out about his cancer a month ago and the doctor said he had no chances of survival after surgery so we bought him home…and i took care of him all day all night for the whole month…i knew my baby had little time left….but i am miserable after his death…i want to see him…talk to him…feel his presence…i am craving for him…from the past 5 days i am collecting his hair from everywhere in the house…that is the only part of him that’s left with me…i want to talk to the pet psychic and want to know where is he now…whats he doing…does he miss me….how he died…did he miss me when he was alone taking his last breath…and how he felt when he was fighting the disease that killed him

  • Leslie Allen

    my kitty got sick suddenly and I rushed him to the hospital, when we got there they rushed him to the back and the doctor came in and told me that my kitty couldn’t breathe and that he probably would not survive an examination. I was devastated, I decided to put my baby to sleep, I said goodbye to hm, and I cried and cried, I miss him so much, he was a special cat. I would like to try to communicate with him, I need to know that he is ok, and I want him to know how much he is loved.

  • Skylar Torres

    Dr. Dele is truly gifted and special. I consider him a friend because he looks out for my best interest and tells truth even though it may hurt. He gives the most amazing advice and told me things in a reading that somehow he just knew that only I and the person I love would only know. He is honest, direct and kind. He is accurate with his readings. I have had a passion spell performed for me and because of him the man that I love continually wants to see me and spend time with me. Thank you Dr. Dele and the Spirits, because of you I have a clearer understanding of my situation and how to move forward with my best interest in mind.

    Contact Dr. Dele if you really want get the best of love on

    Skylar Torres, USA

  • u2canbfmj

    My vanny, a cocker was put down. A few weeks later, we wanted to get her replacement, from local cocker breeder. Soon as we put the deposite down, I had a dream. She came to me and said, “when we get placed out, to run around with our mother, for you to decided, I will be the one who comes to sit next to you.”

    Well a couple months later, with dream still vivid in my mind, this sweet cocker pup sits right next to me, while the others chased their mother. Telling my wife of the dream, she scooped her up.

    Needless to say, Sofia has all the same habits and personality of my vanny. Its great she game me another lifetime..

  • Stacey

    Hi I lost my cat yesterday, 17 years old and we all miss her terribly. I just feel so guilty and worried that I wasn’t there enough for her. I just need to know that shes ok so I can put my mind at rest and is she around me at all.
    Thank you Stacey

  • Blenda Park

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  • Sara Boc

    I stumbled upon this in disparity to somehow find sense in my cat Ella’s death. And deep inside, to search for possibilities of her happiness, health, just somehow tell her I’m so sorry I failed to protect her… I’m devastated.

    Ella was my only girl of “the group”… She arrived a week old w/ her 2 brothers in a cardboard box. Dropped off in the tiny mudroom between 2 backdoors, early spring. They were starving, need less to say… No mom, rescued from inside an old kitchen wall, Ecorse, Michigan.

    Being a Mama myself, my 13 yr old daughter & I were bottle feeding the 3 babies every 2-3 hours night & day with droppers. We had “Sweeny” a grey tabby striped male, “Oliver” the Morris Orange striped kitty w the pink bubble- gum nose, then the runt, the baby sister, lil fatty Ella… She always made sure she ate first. The vocal one… Dramatic one. Moody yet loving one… She was a brown, black & tan tortti. Ella Bella even would get so dramatic & excited when it was time to eat, she would be crawling up the door of their kitten-proof-kennal-door/cage. As it would swing all the way open, there would be Ella swinging & singing/meowing in her biggest kitten Tigress voice! She really could go on and on ..

    Fast forward 7 years… Ella slowy started to adventure outside into the Outdoor world at 6-7. She’d join me in the garden in the backyard to let her get away from the other 3 cats, cats she grew up with. 3 mine, and one that my daughter brought home for a summer while home from collage. I felt responsible to protect her. She just slept in the sun, played in the Dahlia Garden, soaked up everybit. Everyday, everynight. She faithfully slept w me upstairs. Id close my door to keep those boys out. 2 of them were very playful, she was more reserved. She had her own Leopard print fuzzy blanket she still kneaded and sucked on!

    As i felt it was ok to let her be outside w me, she constantly was trying to sneak outside. Before work one morning, it was dark as i left at 645am. She snuck by me and i couldn’t catch her. I absolutely could NOT be late for work. I thought i could call my husband. He left early that day. Ella was gone forever. I found her the next day under those back stairs of the mudroom she showed up in 7 yrs ago, in a cardboard box. She couldn’t move. Dhe meowed, was sitting up, yet wet, bleeding. I instantly wrapped her up in her blanket and rushed her to the vet. She suffered 3 fractures of her hip, a broken leg, she was paralyzed and couldn’t feel the need to urinate, bladder the size of my fist.

    I spent the next 6 hrs comforting her in the small vet room as we waited for the vet to finish surgery. She was given pain meds, muscle relaxer to calm her, warmers, an IV. She was still wrapped in her blanket. I told her I loved her, that I was sorry, and to wait for me at The Rainbow Bridge. I will be there, I promised. I failed her… I didn’t want her to be miserable with the new cat, i let her outside w me, which caused her to always want to be out, which caused her death.

    If I could only turn back time, I would. She would be alive today. I loved Ella and always love and miss my girl…

    • David Deleon Baker

      Please don’t blame yourself. You rescued Ella as a kitten from possible death, and for seven good years you gave her an amazing home that she wouldn’t have otherwise had, surrounded her with love, made her comfortable and even adventurous. This was an accident and nothing more.

  • marinna bia

    i ask you….i sow in tv people talking with pets,
    is possible? crazy people? mediuns? crazy people?( cable tv in brasil)

  • Emiliano Babarah

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  • Stephanie Wood

    We used Georgina Cyr and she was amazing. I gave her no info other than his name and how long he lived with us and also what question we had for our dog. She sent us a 10 minute audio of her communication with our dog. It helped us immensely and I still listen to it once in a while. She is in BC, Canada and you can google animal communicator or her name for contact. I highly recommend her.

  • NikkiNguyen

    Hi my families dog passed away on 5-29-2014, her name is Mochi, we’ve had her since she was a baby. Me and my sister have been praying for a sign that she’s at peace and okay. She passed on leaving my family with 6 beautiful puppies.

  • shannondede

    I just had my first experience with a “PET COMMUNICATOR” who apparently is well known in the field. Upon research, I discovered a little more information about her. I was NOT impressed at all. I never felt she actually communicated or connected. I was emotional and had prayed and planned for this appointment. She never touched on anything personal or even close to accurate. Everything was so very vague and her answers was like she was just involved doing some other chore. Her attention was very impersonal. I did believe completely. Now, I am convinced they are like other so called human psychics. Nothing to them. No credibility. She offered NO information and what little she revealed was WRONG. Sad that they prey upon the grieving. Do people have ANY morals anymore? Is there any compassion from these scammers? Losing a Soul Mate is the worst thing you’ll ever experience but to have someone PLAY on it is just insult to injury. Shame to all those who do this.

  • Henry Westwood

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