By: Nicola F
All cats shed. Some shed excessively. By: Nicola F

You woke up this morning and found cat hair everywhere. It was on the floor, the couch, the tables and your clothes. That’s a real a problem when you need to get to work.

Although shedding is normal, shedding excessively is a red flag. Here are 4 possible reasons for non-seasonal coat loss.

1. Low-Quality Food

Foods can be inexpensive at the grocery store, but that doesn’t mean your pet is getting proper nutrition. A premium food may resolve the problem. Nutrition is as important to our pets’ health as it is to our own.


2. Allergies

Allergies in cats can cause major losses in coat. If your cat also itches and scratches at his body, you may be dealing with allergies. See veterinary care.

3. Hyperthyroidism

This thyroid disorder is the result of too many hormones being released. This condition must be addressed by your veterinarian. There is no home remedy.

4. Hormonal Changes

This is normal when you have a pregnant female or a lactating cat. Be sure she is getting the proper nutrition for the kittens as well as for herself. The coat should grow back soon after the babies are weaned.

Check out the video below of Smudge the cat, who sheds just a smidge too much:


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