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Pet safety monitoring (3 replies)

7 months ago
lisahut123 7 months ago

It’s sad to know that still in this 2016, there are stealers who take away pets and sell them. I don’t know how they can do this. My neighbor had a black lab of 3 months and one day when he was back after work, the pet was stolen. He doesn’t know who did this. It is a mistake that he kept his lab outside the house without any security. I am really worried after hearing this. I have a golden retriever of 4 months.

I already have a pet sitter coming while I am off to work. Still, I feel to have a monitoring system that will alert if any intruder comes. I have planned to set an indoor camera for monitoring my pet, what my pet sitter is doing etc. It is horrible to know that thieves sometimes target pets also. With all these systems, I think I am half relieved.

Melissa Smith
7 months ago
Melissa Smith 7 months ago

As a pet sitter, I firmly support your plan. Good pet sitters should have no issue with homeowners taking security precautions like cameras.

You're so right in that it's terribly sad that people have their pets stolen right from their backyards or even inside the homes. We pet parents sure have to be vigilant!

4 months ago
jamesthomes 4 months ago

There is the possibility of a power failure or other malfunction that could lead to a rapid and dangerous rise in temperature – which could be fatal for a dog. We needed a way to monitor the temperature and know immediately if there was a problem when we were away from the RV.

Melissa Smith
4 months ago
Melissa Smith 4 months ago

I think that's awesome, James! It's not something a lot of pet parents think about, unfortunately.

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