One way to stop your dog from burping is to buy a slow-feed dog bowl so he will have to eat his kibble from around built-in knobs, thus slowing down those eat-fast instincts. By: johnnieb

“There is a good chance that the burping is normal,” says Dr. Marie Haynes, a respected veterinarian. “Some dogs will burp excessively because of a food allergy [or other medical causes]; however, if you are mostly noticing the burping after drinking water, this is likely not the case.”

Too Much Air

Essentially, burping is caused by having too much air in the stomach. When you hear that little burp, you know that air is escaping from the esophagus.

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Most dogs get extra air in their tummy from eating or drinking too fast. They tend to gulp their food down as quickly as they can. Every time they go for a drink of water, they lap it up as if they are dying of thirst, not caring how much air they take in.


Giving your pet smaller amounts of water to drink may help solve the problem.

Another method to stop dog burping is to buy a slow-feed dog bowl so he will have to eat his kibble from around built-in knobs, thus slowing down those eat-fast instincts. Both measures will prevent him from swallowing air. The key lesson is to simply make him eat and drink only slowly.

According to Animal Arc Veterinary Clinic in Chicago, although burping is typical in any dog, regular gassiness may be linked to diet. In some cases, switching dog foods can bring on bigger bouts of gas. Your pet’s digestive system may have a negative reaction to the new food. A sure sign of this is if the burp is particularly smelly.

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Signs of Trouble

Meanwhile, if your dog chews on anything he can get his mouth on, such as sticks or rawhides, his burping could be a sign of a gastric reflux problem, caused by swallowing something that was either too large for him to pass or something that caused irritation to his stomach lining.

Sometimes Tagamet or Pepcid will help alleviate these complications. Discuss this with your veterinarian.

If you ever wanted to see a dog burp, here’s your chance—just watch this video:

As long as your dog is not vomiting any food or coughing up blood, there is little chance of a stomach problem being the culprit. If the burping was caused by an esophagus problem, there would normally also be some choking, coughing or excessive panting.

Be alert to any significant changes in your dog’s burping habits. If you notice signs of discomfort, call your veterinarian.


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