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Which is Better for a family of Huskies a Crate or Kennel? (4 replies)

1 week ago
animalwarrior 1 week ago

My cousin's Siberian Husky just gave birth to three adorable puppies. The basket with pads is occupied by the puppies while Cookie usually sleeps on the floor near her baby. Cookie is aggressive for the past few days up until now, she doesn't want anyone to come near her babies. I have seen a lot of great deals for dog cages and now we are torn between a crate or kennel. My cousin wants a crate for Cookie while I want a kennel which can be occupied by the whole family. I told her that it will be a better investment in the future since her dogs are unpredictable. 

Melissa Smith
1 week ago
Melissa Smith 1 week ago

Is it possible to get both? A crate can always come in handy when dogs need to be transported or housed in an emergency, so if your cousin is comfortable with the expense, she may want to invest in a crate for now and start work on a kennel. She can get a crate big enough to fit mom and puppies in it while her kennel is being constructed, and then store the crate and use it as necessary.

Just mah thoughts!

1 week ago
DogLoverEra 1 week ago

Melissa is correct. Getting both will be beneficial for the dogs and your cousin's family as well. It'll be an additional expense but that's considered as a good investment. 🙂

6 days ago
marina 6 days ago

Melissa is correct. Both of them are necessary

Melissa Smith
5 days ago
Melissa Smith 5 days ago

Oh good I like being right LOL

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