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Toilet training a puppy - she's getting worse, not better (3 replies)

jade nash
3 weeks ago
jade nash 3 weeks ago

Hi, my 11 week old pups behaviour has got worse since having her, she was great at peeing on her mat and pooping but the last few days she hasn't been doing well at all. Also she's becoming more wild. could anyone advise what I could do?

Melissa Smith
3 weeks ago
Melissa Smith 3 weeks ago

Hi jade!

I know a lot of people recommend crate training, at least in puppyhood and early life for dogs. Is that something that you have considered?


2 weeks ago
perriejinnie 2 weeks ago

It is a very common problem with puppies. They don't listen and poop and pee wherever they want. You should keep a patience and keep training your puppy with your words and gestures. Sooner or later it is going to understand what you want to convey.

1 week ago
glf 1 week ago

Have you thought about keeping a pad that they have used only slightly so that they recognize the scent and think "Hey, this is where I'm supposed to do my business." 

If that doesn't work, how about keeping a close eye on their timing and be ready to get them over to the pad. I know this takes time, but it's worth it. I did it with my poodle puppy and she learned, although it took her longer than I would have wished. After she learned, she never made a mistake.

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