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The Bark Box (4 replies)

Karen Doll
2 days ago
Karen Doll 2 days ago

Has anyone heard about this business that sells gift boxes — Bark Box for dogs? 

You buy a subscription and your dog (or dogs) receives a new, Bark Box full of goodies chosen especially with your dog's size, individual diet, exercise needs, etc in mind. Sounds like a great gift idea for your dog parent friends!

Dave Baker
2 days ago
Dave Baker 2 days ago

Yes, it has been around for several years now. Good product. But there are a TON of competitors, and a lot of them have their charms as well.

We reviewed a few alternatives back in 2014. Not sure if they're still around.

We're also actually in the process of reviewing a couple more soon!

Karen Doll
2 days ago
Karen Doll 2 days ago

Great! I wish we'd known about it when our Pip was still with us. I just saw a review by Woof Woof Mama. 

I have a good friend with whom I do meet and greets for Linda Ann's Greyhound Rescue here in PA, and I'm thinking a subscription to one of these would make an excellent gift for her upcoming birthday in May. She currently has a half dozen Greyhounds of her own and fosters from time to time. 

I'll definitely check out the link. Looking forward to the new reviews! Thanks for the info 🙂

15 hours ago
frootboi 15 hours ago

You can usually find recent reviews on the internet if you Google around, here's one from February that gives you an idea of what to expect in the box - 

Melissa Smith
15 hours ago
Melissa Smith 15 hours ago

Awesome, thank you for posting! This actually looks like something that might be fun for me to do for some of my clients around Christmas time!

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