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Jealousy & fighting (1 reply)

2 weeks ago
glf 2 weeks ago

A neighbor handed me a Shih Tzu (male, 3-4 yrs. old, I had him neutered), about a month ago. I have two other dogs, both female, one is 7, the other 5. The two females have never been close but tolerate each other. The Shih Tzu has the sweetest, most loving personality until he gets around the other two. Then, all three are tense and a fight breaks out. I have managed to stop the fights before any of them gets hurt, but the situation is getting worse and not better. 

Help! I show love and discipline equally. I feed them with discipline. They eat in separate places. They are great outside, but inside, I'm on constant alert for a possible fight.

Is there a remedy for this? I am almost at the end of my rope. I'm seriously considering hiring a dog trainer to help.

Please give me some suggestions. I don't want to put the Shih Tzu up for adoption, but if things keep going the way they are, I am going to have to before he hurts one of my other two dogs, both of whom are smaller than he is.

Melissa Smith
2 weeks ago
Melissa Smith 2 weeks ago

Hi glf! Boy that's a tough situation. There is a lot of territoriality going on, it sounds like. You may want to think about hiring a trainer, and/or talking to the vet to get their advice. (Good vets are always open to questions from clients.) Over time, some pets adjust to one another and are fine, and others don't. It really can be down to personalities. I pet sit for two Shih-Tzus and they get along great, but one hates other dogs and the other one doesn't mind them xD

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