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Curious about Dog Park Behavior (1 reply)

Karen Doll
2 weeks ago
Karen Doll 2 weeks ago

Our dog is no longer with us, but I'm curious about everyone's experiences at the local dog park. When our Pip was alive, we took him to the dog park only on occasion because he really didn't run or play. He spent the entire time sniffing the perimeter. I still go by myself these days because our dog park is also a walking park and I enjoy the exercise and the wild meadows filled with deer. While walking, I regularly hear canine squabbles and then subsequent human begging and pleading for their dogs to return to them, repeated NOs, etc. I rememeber from when we took Pip, that some folks did NOT pick up their dog's waste and some spent the time chatting with fellow humans and not keeping an eye on their dogs. I'm just curious if any of you have had similar experiences while at your local dog park? In your experiences, are dog owners typically considerate of others or do they not seem to care? Maybe, it's half and half?  

Melissa Smith
1 week ago
Melissa Smith 1 week ago

Unfortunately, yes - I have had the same experiences.

As a pet sitter/dog walker, I spend a lot of time walking, monitoring, and picking up poo. And I see this type of behavior from pet parents a lot. I see dogs off-leash, dog waste left on the side of the paths, in the street, on the beaches and even on people's lawns. I see parents that don't monitor their dogs. I see parents that can't control their dogs. I see parents who can't read dog body language and understand when a situation is about to go seriously south.

Please people. Pick up the poo. Leash your dog. Pay attention. It's ultimately for your dogs' safety more than anyone else!

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