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One cat hates other cat after being shaved (5 replies)

1 month ago

I have two 2 year old cats that were best friends. I made the awful mistake of having the male cat shaved. Now the female cat HATES him. It has been about a month and things have improved a little but they are certainly not best friends anymore. Both are spayed/neutered. How do I get them to be friends again? Our household is chaos!

Melissa Smith
1 month ago
Melissa Smith 1 month ago

Wow I have never heard of two cats changing their attitudes towards each other just because of a shaving! How weird is that?! Do you notice any improvement as your shaved cat regrows his hair?

1 month ago

It has only been about 2 weeks so it hasn't grown much yet. She attacks him and hisses at him and screams like a major cat fight when he tries to play with her.

Mary Nielsen
1 month ago
Mary Nielsen 1 month ago

Maybe there is something else here thats the problem? Maybe the other problem just happened to occur at the same time the cat was shaved. Were there any other major changes in their lives?

3 weeks ago
HeyCatie 3 weeks ago

Same thing happens every time we bring our Shi Tzu for the Summer Cut.. The GSD's go NUTS thinking it's a new dog.. and Oliver goes NUTS because he doesn't feel like his old self and looks half the size he usually does... It will get better once the hair grows back in... and they look like their "old" selves..

3 weeks ago
Fatou 3 weeks ago

Hi. Actually, this has happened to one of my friends cats too. What she did was she kept isolated for 2 days and the things became normal. But she added that her cat became close to her other cat very slowly. This case usually don't happen to all cat friends but very few cases It's possible. So no worries. Your cat will become closer to your other cat but please be patient.

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