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Gone Fishin' Toys for Cats (2 replies)

Karen Doll
3 months ago
Karen Doll 3 months ago

I just saw these battery powered swimming fish toys for cats on Facebook the other day and think my curious kitties will go CrAzY for them. One in particular likes water. Do any of you cat lovers have these or something similar? I'm curious as to the length of time that the fish actually swim. I know some have LED lights, too. 

Thanks for your help 🙂 


Melissa Smith
3 months ago
Melissa Smith 3 months ago

My cat hates water (okay, he hates like everything haha) but I am not going to lie, I would be wildly entertained if I threw them in my own bath xD

Kristine Lacoste
2 months ago
Kristine Lacoste 2 months ago

Ha! Those are cute and kept the cat pretty engaged.  My cats would not go near water, but there are some cats who really enjoy it and don't mind getting wet.  Thanks for sharing!

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