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Diabetic cat 12 years old has developed ulcers in her mouth (1 reply)

2 months ago
Kmac 2 months ago

So, a few years back we identified that our cat was diabetic by online research. Her hind quarter was not supportive. She is our Sweetie, and we have the diabetes under control through diet of Purina DM for diabetic cats. But recently she, an indoor kitty has ulcers in her mouth, won't even look at the DM! Of course she loves the alternative Fancy Feast, which by what we researched, is still okay.

We did take her to the vet (at extreme costs and trouble). Vet says her teeth are okay. Blood okay. Let's take a biopsy. Like, what? Sedation, etc. Rather intrusive!

No, let's try antibiotics, rehydrate and ease the pain!  

But back to my original statement. This cat has had no exposure to an extreme life. Indoor kitty. Got sick since I bought the new case of Purina DM. Anyone else have any similar experience since June 2017? 

Melissa Smith
2 months ago
Melissa Smith 2 months ago

Hi Kmac! I haven't heard of any of my clients that use Purina having this type of experience. Did the vet offer any alternatives to the sedation etc.?

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