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9 weeks old kitten- viral infection plus eye issue help! (1 reply)

4 weeks ago
Leo 4 weeks ago

My kitten also has fleas! Not much anymore. He has a viral infection, my vet sucks, & I'm currently giving him antibiotic eye drops. His eyes look weird with the white flap coming out. Is this normal?! I got my kitten last week from a barn! Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated.

He still eats, poop is solid but got less playful. 

Dee dee
4 weeks ago
Dee dee 4 weeks ago
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I had same issue with my small kitten found on side of road. Your kitten probably has the "Herpes" virus. It is not contagious to humans or dogs. It is very contagious to other felines. It is passed to off spring from the mother cat. No cure. But, it can be managed. My vet prescribed "Trifluridine Ophthalmic" eye drops. The drops are applied to affected eyes twice a day for 14 days. Get generic brand at Walmart Pharmacy. Very expensive but helped my kitten ($171.00) My vet also gave me "Viralys L-Lysine" oral gel to give twice a day for (6) months. The L-Lysine increases the kitten's immune system. The virus is not curable but can be managed with the above regimen. Make sure all felines are vaccinated including your kitten.

For the fleas.... first get a weight on your kitten. I use "Advantage Multi" and just applied half the dose until my kitten gained weight. The topical application helps with fleas,eggs, ticks, ear mites and other parasites. Hope this helps.

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