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Started by emma x 2 weeks ago
So I went on a vacation and left my cat with a friend to look after him, after a couple of days my friend let him outside, the first couple of times apparently he would stay in their garden however he has not been seen since a week ago, I'm absolutel...
Last replied to by Melissa Smith 4 days ago
I'm so sorry to hear he hasn't found his way back yet 🙁 Definitely keep looking, and keep networking in the area - knoc...
Started by Carlin Griffin 1 week ago
Hello! I have tried to get my cat to sleep in a cat bed since I got him a couple months ago. He would much rather sleep on the hard wood floor then the nice comfy cat beds I get him. I have tried putting treats in and everything. Does anyone have an...
Last replied to by Melissa Smith 1 week ago
Hi Carlin! I don't really have any suggestions, other than that some cats just prefer floors, Lol. For some, it may be ...
Started by JayBird92 3 weeks ago
Hi I got my precious kitty on March 2 and noticed she had a round belly. At first I thought it was just worms, and was going to worm her when I took her to the vet to get spayed, but then family problems came up and I was unable to take her. Her stom...
Last replied to by JayBird92 1 week ago
Well now she suddenly is acting as if she's in heat! I don't understand it! She really shows signs of pregnancy, but now...
Started by Julieann_503 2 weeks ago
Hello..I have a female cat that escaped the house on Feb 4th. Soon after she started exhibiting signs of pregnancy. I took her to the vet 3 weeks ago to have it confirmed and the vet said he thought she was only pregnant with one kitten. She is now 6...
Last replied to by Dave Baker 2 weeks ago
Hi. I can certainly see how this would be an upsetting (and perplexing) situation for you. However, it's probably imposs...
Started by Ms. Monkey 3 weeks ago
Hi, Can anyone tell me if they can either identify or recommend a treatment for this strange condition:  [please watch entire video] She has episodes where she gets overstimulated and attacks th...
Last replied to by Melissa Smith 2 weeks ago
Thank you Pippa, as always, for your thoughts!
Started by krzymaisy 4 weeks ago
I have a cat named Sherlock. He will be 1 year at the end of April, but I've had him since last June. When we got him, he purred ALL the time! Now, he doesn't purr very much anymore around me (my brother can get him purring pretty easily so I'm posit...
Last replied to by marina 4 weeks ago
Why not try to buy some new toys for him?
Started by Kinta 3 months ago
Ok - bit long winded but bare with me.  I have 6 cats. Down from 10. I inadvertently rescued a pregnant mamma who I could not leave out in the cold. I had at the time already two well adjusted kitties. She had her babies at my home and I immediatel...
Last replied to by Karen Doll 1 month ago
Hi Kinta, Do you know of any friends or family that could take 1 or 2 as fosters while you continue to search for new h...
Started by Symba Kitten 4 months ago
Greetings fellow cat lovers. I was given a stray cat the other day. Can anyone tell me what breed he is? Thank you.  
Last replied to by Joan 3 months ago
I may have been wrong..Looks alot like this cat to me and its an oriental shorthair!
Started by abbyroad 6 months ago
I have been fostering a litter of kittens and their mother since they were 6 hours old. They will be 9 weeks on Friday. The mother is very sweet and jumps on my lap and we have bonded. I have bonded with three of the kittens as well. They jump on my...
Last replied to by Karen Doll 5 months ago
I agree with raemei's advice. I've fostered many litters of kittens as well as pregnant mama cats and their subsequent l...
Started by Kokolr 7 months ago
Hi, I recently rescued a kitten whose mother had abandoned it. I live in a developing nation with no veterinary care, veterinary medications, or cat foods. I believe the kitten is about 5 weeks old now and she has been fine and healthy for the last w...

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