I’m Loving These Wiener-Dog Earplugs

So what if these pups are poking their little heads out of your ears? They are there to make your life a little quieter.

By: Koncent.jp
For the dachshund lover (or noise hater) in your life. Photos by: Koncent.jp

Japanese designer Mao Yamamoto created dachshund-themed earplugs that are not only adorable but also useful in allowing you a better night’s sleep.

Made of the same squishy-soft memory foam as other ear plugs, Mimi Pet Earplugs are washable and come with a zippered pouch so you’ll never be without them no matter where you go.


Eleven dollars seems like a small price to pay for little ear pups that can help you eliminate noise while you try to catch some Z’s.

The colorful wiener-dog earplugs are available in yellow, blue, gray, white and orange.

Nope, this doesn’t look weird at all.

Source: Mashable

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