Artist Perfectly Captures Pets’ Amazing Personalities

"Every pet is unique," says Chris Beetow. The portraits "capture who your pet is, on the inside, and how special they are to you."

After asking many people over the years to describe their pet’s unique personality, artist Chris Beetow has learned to expect all sorts of answers. That’s why he aims to get into his animal subjects’ head when he’s illustrating them.

While focusing on the pets’ outer beauty, Beetow also manages to perfectly capture their inner essence.

What he ends up with are sometimes humble, sometimes comical, but always heartwarming portraits of pets being themselves.

All illustrations © Chris Beetow; used with permission. Original photos of pets provided by Beetow’s customers.

Want to hire Beetow to illustrate your pet? Contact him here. “All you need to do is email me some clear photos of your pet and a written description of their personality,” Beetow says.

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