Heartbreaking: Mama Dog Cuddles Stuffed Toys After Puppies Died

"She thinks they're her puppies."

Twinkle lost all of her puppies. By: Xavier Hernandez

Many of us, young and old, take pleasure in snuggling with a stuffed animal.

For a dog named Twinkle, who was recently adopted by a family who didn’t know she was pregnant at the time, stuffed animals have been her therapy after losing all 3 of her newborn puppies.

Twinkle, who lives in California with her human, Xavier Hernandez, was gifted with a trio of stuffed toys by Hernandez’s mother, in an effort to comfort the grieving dog.

The toys have indeed brightened Twinkle’s spirit. She is very protective of her “babies” and won’t let anyone touch them. She showers them with motherly attention. “She thinks they’re her puppies,” says Hernandez.

Doesn’t this just break your heart?

Sources: BuzzFeed, The Telegraph, Elite Daily

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